Waist Support Belt: Repairing / Self-Heating Magnetic Belt


Provide stability and relieve lower back pain by reducing pressure

Low back pain can attack us without warning at any time in our lives. They are often mismanaged and annoying most of the time, but to make it no problem, someone created the waist support belt! There are medications and effective medical solutions to combat, calm and treat back pain, but with this magnetic repair belt you can actually say goodbye.

Easy to use

This magnetic repair belt is very easy to use, just attach it to your waist. Just be sure to position it so that the magnets are in contact with your spine. You will choose the pressure that suits you when you close the belt. You can even take it everywhere with you so that it is light. Magnets help increase blood flow. Relieve lower back pain by reducing pressure.

Innovative magnetic repair

If this belt is so popular, it is for the simple reason that it is equipped with 14 very powerful and well placed tourmaline magnets. They help relieve lower back pain and increase blood flow and enzyme activity. Not only will the pain be controlled, but the body will be properly detoxified. For this reason, if you want to see your overall health improve, choosing it would be a good idea.

Effective medical device

This magnetic repair belt is effective and is largely due to the 14 tourmaline stone magnets it has. These magnets generate infrared rays as well as negative ions and these elements are very beneficial for general health. Thus, this belt does not only act on lower back pain, but also on the whole body.

How to use this magnetic repair strap?

The use of this medical device is quite simple: you simply place the belt around the waist, place the magnets at the level of the spine and close the belt by applying appropriate pressure.You can wear this magnetic repair belt all the way day for at least 10 days for shock treatment. When you are better, you can wear it punctually, that is to say just when needed

Maintain the pain relief device

In order for this magnetic repair strap to last, you should only wash it by hand. Do not hurry when you wash it and do not iron it. Let the belt air dry, you will see, it will dry quickly and its appearance will not change. Also, avoid washing this lumbar belt in the washing machine, it could seriously damage it. If you take care to wash this belt regularly, it could accompany you in time.


  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Neoprene back panel for warmth and compression.
  • Ventilated and breathable elastic side panels.
  • Adjustable and comfortable.
  • Supports along the spine to provide stability to those
  • with lower back pain.
  • Magnets strategically placed help relieve pain.
  • Professionally designed double traction suspenders can be adjusted.
  • At the desired level of comfort and support using the top
  • quality fasteners.

    Package Included

    • 1 x Waist Support Belt with 14 magnetic stones

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