Warm socks: 35 degree constant temperature stocking (2 pairs)

Thin, transparent and light to wear yourself or as a liner under your normal socks for a perfect fit

These cool socks are super soft and are made of aluminized threads that are woven into a breathable nylon knit fabric, ideal for all outdoor enthusiasts such as hunters, hockey players, skiers, hikers and cold weather riders

Unique heat socks

The conductive fabric technology uses body heat efficiently and reduces sweat and moisture, so your feet stay warm, dry and cozy in any weather.

Optimal comfort

Made from breathable, stretchy nylon knit fabric for extra comfort. Delivers a light, flexible and secure fit with every wear.

quality material

35 warm, low-temperature socks are made from high-quality, aluminum-coated wire and interwoven with breathable, super-soft knit fabric to ensure ultimate comfort and durability.

Washer and dryer friendly

Our ultra-soft ultimate comfort socks are machine washable and the dryer is safe, so no special cleaning is required. Wash like any other garment, don't worry about wear or worry that these socks will lose quality.

Suitable for all lifestyles

The feet stay warm and dry during various activities. Your feet are protected in the cold winter months to be able to walk and shovel snow.


  • Material: aluminized fiber and cotton
  • Weight: 78 grams
  • Unisex large

Package includes

  • 2 pairs in black x warm socks 35 degrees constant temperature stocking 

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