Yoga wheel for back training and workout

Get rid of your annoying back pain and make your yoga sessions even more enjoyable with our user-friendly yoga bike

The Yoga Wheel back training is different from any other back pain relief solution available on the market. It is 5.12 "wide and offers you the stability to support your body while sitting between your shoulder blades. This allows you to roll out your entire back and neck. Our patented spinal canal and the patented Compression Sensitive Padding give your back the necessary stability comfort to open and relax.

This yoga bike not only gives you the support you need to start practicing backbends, it also improves your posture, which is associated with an increase in positive thoughts, self-esteem and life expectancy!


  • TPE outer circle, the non-slip pattern increase the safety of use
  • Environmental protection, non-toxic and odorless, not irritating to the skin.
  • The surface is tight, skin-friendly and soft and does not hurt the body when used.
  • The Yoga Wheels design adapts perfectly to the curved shape of the spine. When used, it can stretch and relieve the back and even the entire body.
  • High quality PP material improves stability.


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